Legs, Gibs and Perez are on ‘The Take’


John Leguizamo, Tyrese Gibson and Rosie Perez are set to star in Josh and Jonas Pate’s hesit flick The Take.

Director Brad Furman will helm teh feature from the Pates’ script which follows hard-working, middle class family man Felix Delgado (John Leguizamo) who works for Dunbar Security, an armored transport company, and finds himself in the middle of a carefully orchestrated heist. Upon recovery, in addition to battling mood swings, pain and paranoia, Felix discovers that he’s the prime suspect in the robbery, and takes it upon himself to do what the FBI and the police can’t seem to handle: finding the real perpetrators and clearing his name.

Production on the feature will take place early July ’06 in Los Angeles.

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