Beckinsale for ‘April 23rd’


Kate Beckinsale is ready to sue her education for something more than playing a leather clad werewolf hunter or the sweet housewife as she revealed in an interview with MTV that a Cold War pic called April 23rd has caught her eye.

Here is what she had to say:

“I’m probably going to do ‘April 23rd,’ which is set during the Cold War and will be the only opportunity I’ve had so far to [speak] the Russian that I got a degree in [at Oxford University’s New College], so that will be nice.” Beckinsale couldn’t name her director or co-stars just yet but did divulge some details about the script that won her over: “It’s about a Russian spy who comes into America and has to be completely undercover. He has a wife who doesn’t know he’s a Russian; it’s actually a beautiful story. It’s a serious drama.”

Beckinsale recently proved she has range as an actress with her portrayal of Ava Gardner in The Aviator.

Kate recently starred in Underworld: Evolution, which hit DVD two days ago and will be seen in theaters on June 23 with Adam Sandler in Click.

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