Rhames Replaces DMX


Ving Rhames is set to replace DMX in Marble City for debut director Jim Vickers reports Production Weekly.

The move comes as DMX has joined the Lou Diamond Phillips flick Death Toll now in pre-production in Lousiana. Marble City was penned by Thomas Sjolund and follows Rhames’ character Rune, recently paroled from prison he’s hell-bent on vengeance, determined to even the score with the man who took away ten years of his life. Now it’s pay-back time.

The DMX pic is an indie feature in which the New Orleans Police Department is under heavy criticism for the record number of murders in the city. The murders can be traced to an ongoing war between feuding chiefs of the ecstasy trade. In a joint task force with federal agents, NOPD has discovered that 90-percent of the killings to take place in a 7 square mile radius. Blood shed from the turf war between Carmello and Tunk, the two rival street bosses, achieve a higher level when Misha left Carmello for Tunk. Crooked cops, ruthless killings and intricate twists crown New Orleans as the murder capital of the United States.

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