Wiseman Talks ‘Underworld 3’ and ‘Die Hard 4’


IFMagazine has sure come thru with some good stories as of late and today they provide yet another as they scored some words with director Len Wiseman as he was making the rounds promoting the DVD release of Underworld: Evolution in regards to his current work on Underworld 3 and the recent announcement that he would be taking on the directorial reigns of the Die Hard franchise with Die Hard 4.

Here is what he had to say:

iF Magazine: What can we expect from UNDERWORLD 3?

LEN WISEMAN: The third film is going to be a prequel. It will be the origin story and we find out things we didn’t know about Lucian; he’ll have a much bigger part in it. It will be about the creation [of the races] and what started the war. It will be a period piece. In terms of the writing, a lot of the writing has been done. We’ve been developing UNDERWORLD 3 for a while. I won’t be directing UNDERWORLD 3; I’m just going to be producing and writing.

iF: Did the studio tell you why they decided to revitalize the franchise on DIE HARD now?

WISEMAN: I think the studio came to me because they want to re-invent it, they want it to be more modern. They want to put a different slant on it. It comes at a good time for me, because I’m not everybody’s first choice when you think of DIE HARD. That’s actually something I want to show. I go to these comic book conventions because I’m not some major Goth. What’s good for me is to do other movies that I really love like DIE HARD, which are a completely different style. This is great for me so I don’t get stuck in being “Mr. Goth”.

To get the full interview click here, and as for the DVD release of Underworld: Evolution, which hit shelves yesterday, you can check out my favorable review right here.

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