Dane Cook is a Lucky ‘Chuck’


Dane Cook is definitely a comedian on the rise and if you don’t know who he is just do a Google search for his “I’m a Cashew” bit or even the “Tire in the Face” bit, the guy is damned funny.

As for this story, Cook is set for the lead role in Good Luck Chuck, a comedy in final negotiations at Lionsgate to be picked up out of turnaround from New Line.

Josh Stolberg (Evan Almighty) wrote the script, which revolves around a handsome but self-involved dentist who discovers that every woman he goes out with meets her soul mate immediately after dating him, keeping him free to continue playing the field. But the blessing turns into a curse when he meets his true love.

Apparently the trouble over at New Line was in trying to find a female lead, but considering Hollywood has quite a few hot, young actresses I can only assume there is more to the story than that.

The film is eyeing a July start date, and Lionsgate is rumored to be already considering Jessica Alba and Jessica Biel for that difficult to cast femme role. I don’t think Dane would mind either of those choices.

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