‘X-Men 3’ Takes in $44.1 Opening Day


X-Men: The Last Stand certainly is making a major stand at the box-office as Friday Estimates over at Box-Office Mojo have the film clocked at $44.1 million dollars already!

Second place was The Da Vinci Code at a distant $10.2 million and then Over the Hedge in third with $7.5.

Our resident Box-Office Oracle Laremy Legel seems to have the three-day weekend pretty much nailed and when I asked him about the four-day weekend he sent me this email:

I haven’t quite figured out the holiday weekend tabulations yet so I want to give this caveat. If the weekend includes Memorial Day then $120m for X3 isn’t out of the question. If it’s simply Fri-Sun I feel good in the $80’s. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

Well, we will see how it all plays out, and remember you can always check out Laremy’s predictions on Thursdays and check out past predictions at the RopeofSilicon Box-Office Homepage.

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