Latest MPAA Ratings: #8


Lots of ratings for films that have yet to find a release date, including a direct-to-video Clive Barker feature. I will also note here that I am assuming Sony is planning some kind of James Bond special editions with the coming of Casino Royale as Die Another Day and Licence to Kill were included in this ratings bulletin, both still receiving PG-13 ratings, but the ratings were made because they are deemed “Edited Versions” in which the “Content is Different from PG-13 Rated Version”. Also, Bond wasn’t the only one getting the treatment, apparently Goal! The Dream Begins had its rating beefed from a PG to a PG-13 rating as Buena Vista Home Entertainment may be planning an extended cut of the film for DVD. I am sure we will learn more about these ratings in the future if at all so let’s just let them be for now and check out this week’s updates.

MovieRatingReasonRelease Date
BoratRFor pervasive strong crude and sexual content including graphic nudity, and language.TBA 2006
ClickPG-13For language, crude and sex-related humor, and some drug references.June 23, 2006
Clive Barker’s The PlagueRFor horror violence/gore and language.TBA
Five FingersRFor torture, violence and language including sexual references.TBA 2006
Garfield’s A Tale of Two KittiesPGFor some off-color elements.June 16, 2006
Seraphim FallsRFor violence and brief language.TBA
SilenceRFor horror violence and images.TBA 2006

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