If you haven’t checked out our mini Cannes Preview you can do so here, but over the next 11 days you can expect a lot more of these Cannes Reports as TONS of casting news and new film news comes out of the festival every year and Variety and The Hollywood Reporter bring us all the news goodness.

Del Toro and Cuaron Brew Up ‘Witches’

Guillermo del Toro and Alfonso Cuaron are teaming together to adapt Roald Dahl’s 1973 book “The Witches” for Warner Bros.

Cuaron’s involvement will be strictly producer while Del Toro will be directing from his own script.

From Amazon.com we get the following description of the story:

This Roald Dahl classic tells the scary, funny and imaginative tale of a seven-year-old boy who has a run-in with some real-life witches! “In fairy tales witches always wear silly black hats and black cloaks and they ride on broomsticks. But this is not a fairy tale. This is about REAL WITCHES. REAL WITCHES dress in ordinary clothes and look very much like ordinary women. They live in ordinary houses and they work in ordinary jobs. That is why they are so hard to catch.” Witches, as our hero learns, hate children. With the help of a friend and his somewhat-magical grandmother, our hero tries to expose the witches before they dispose of him.

Cuaron spoke of his relationship with Del Toro and it seems the two have quite the partnership, “I wouldn’t do anything without showing it to Guillermo and I think that’s vice-versa.”

SOURCE: Variety

Ferrara Tapped to Helm ‘Last Crew’
Abel Ferrara (King of New York) is set to direct the 1970s New York underworld picture The Last Crew with an aim to begin filming in New York on June 9. Michael Pitt is set to star in the feature.

SOURCE: Variety

Malkovich Takes Fiennes’ Spot

John Malkovich is set to replace Ralph Fiennes in Disgrace, a bigscreen adaptation of J.M. Coetzee’s Booker Prize-winning novel.

The film is set to begin filming this fall as Malkovich plays a professor of romantic poetry who has an affair with one of his students and is driven into exile. But his new love is tested when the pair become victims of a vicious attack.

SOURCE: Variety

Lohan Fits GreenStreet’s ‘Bill’

Lindsay Lohan has just been added to the cast of the Aaron Eckhart starrer Bill with Elizabeth Banks in talks to join the cast as well.

Pic, which is in production, follows Eckhart as a man going through a mid-life crisis whose wife has a fling with a local newscaster that’s broadcast over the Internet.

GreenStreet has been particularly busy at the Festival as it has also added Jon Foster and Sophie Traub to the Russell Crowe-starrer Tenderness, which is set to begin filming on May 22 as it follows Foster as a violent teen whose life intertwines with a 16-year old runaway (Traub). Crowe plays a cop who sets out to unravel Foster’s complicated past.

SOURCE: Variety

Strathairn is the ‘Challenger’

Oscar nominee David Strathairn is set to star in Challenger, a drama about Nobel Laureate Richard Feynman’s investigation into the explosion of the space shuttle Challenger. The script was penned by Nicole Perlman with Philip Kaufman set to direct.

The film will be shopped around at the festival with Media 8 Entertainment looking for an international rights buyer.

SOURCE: The Hollywood Reporter

Gosling Wants a ‘Real Girl’

Ryan Gosling is set to star in the romantic comedy Lars and the Real Girl for director Craig Gillespie.

The script by Nancy Oliver (“Six Feet Under”) focuses on Lars (Gosling), a lonely, delusional young man, and his unconventional relationship with the “girl of his dreams,” a lifelike doll he finds on the Internet.

Filming is expected to get underway this fall.

SOURCE: The Hollywood Reporter

Diesel Falls into ‘Black Water’

Vin Diesel has just signed on to star in a new action-thriller, Black Water Transit for Capitol Films. The film will provide for the feature film directing debut of music video director Samuel Bayer.

Shooting is scheduled to get underway in July in Chicago with a supporting cast that includes Kevin Bacon, James Franco and Sophie Okonedo.

SOURCE: The Hollywood Reporter

Cassel to Play a God

Vincent Cassel is set to star in Jean-Jacques Annaud‘s mythical tale His Majesty Minor.

Cassel will play a god in the French-language film which is due to shoot in the fall and we can expect more casting news on this pic as the festival continues.

SOURCE: The Hollywood Reporter

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