Ramis Wants Stiller for ‘Ghostbusters 3’?


Old news is… well… old news, but first off, considering the originating source of this news bit comes from WENN I have my doubts. The news source does have a tendency for spouting gossip, but this was just too interesting to ignore as Hollywood.com is carrying the story saying that Harold Ramis is trying to bring his Ghostbusters movie franchise back to the big screen–and he wants Ben Stiller to star in a third film.

Stiller as the new Ghostbuster? “Why?” you ask.

Well, apparently one of the original Ghostbusters, better known as Bill Murray refuses to return while Dan Aykroyd and Rick Moranis are set to star in the sequel. That little bit comes courtesy of InFocus magazine, not WENN.

Apparently the third film is currently titled the happy-go-lucky moniker Ghostbusters in Hell. Aykroyd penned the script, which transports the bumbling ghostbusters into a parallel dimension via a portal in a New York warehouse.

Word is that Ramis is keen on getting the project underway. Who knows, maybe the “Ghostbusters” will grace the screen again, minus one and plus a Stiller.

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