Movies Will Enter the ‘World of Warcraft’


This is a videogame lovers dream week as the E3 videogame convention is going on in downtown L.A. this week and outside of the news that the PlayStation 3 will officially be released on November 17 there is sure to be talk about the news that the popular PC videogame “World of Warcraft” will be turned into a feature film.

Adapting this game may prove to either be easier or harder than other videogame adaptations as the story is more of a “choose your own adventure” than other videogames as it allows gamers to create custom characters from a variety of species such as humans, elves, orcs, dwarves and so forth as they immerse themselves in an online multiplayer environment. There is, of course, a goal to the game but the massive world and storylines create a large pallette for filmmakers.

Warners-based Legendary Pictures has picked up film rights. Legendary chair-CEO Thomas Tull told Variety, “The ‘Warcraft’ universe is possessed of such a rich mythology and, as such, serves as an ideal platform as we go about translating that universe into what we intend to be a major event film.”

Legendary chief creative exec Jon Jashni followed that up saying, “We are intending to approach this as we would the adaptation of a bestselling novel: Respect the essence of all that it is, but also build upon that fertile base while translating it into a new medium.”

Perhaps this one could be very good. Apparently Universal and Fox are doing their best to make sure their videogame adaptation of “Halo” does well also as they are currently revising the script with hopes to release the film summer 2007. Let’s just hope it isn’t another Doom.

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