Mac and Duhamel are More than Meets the Eye


Variety has announced that Bernie Mac and Josh Duhamel have been added to the cast of Michael Bay’s Transformers we also receive word of a tiny plot detail… Mac will play a car salesman who sells Shia LaBeouf‘s character his first car/transformer.

Where the story will go from there is still in the air, but this latest casting announcement almost confirms all the cast members listed by IGN back on April 20 when they posted their massive casting announcement. Goes to show these online sites just might know what they are talking about.

All that is left now is to find out who will be voicing the “robots in disguise.”

Transformers is currently set for a July 4, 2007 release pitting it opposite Fantastic Four 2. I wonder how long that battle will stay there as the two films pretty much steal the other’s audience.

Thanks to ‘m0nk3y25’ for helping correct errors in the story.

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