Sonnenfeld Rests in ‘Andrew Henry’s Meadow’


Zach Braff‘s brother, Adam Braff, has a director attached to his script Andrew Henry’s Meadow and the director ain’t that shabby, anyone out there remember Get Shorty?

Barry Sonnenfeld is in final negotiations to direct the film adaptation of Doris Burn’s classic children’s book for 20th Century Fox.

The film’s story was developed by both Braff brothers based on the 1965 book, Zach Braff will exec produce the pic.

The book was inspired by Burn’s son, which was written during the period the family lived on Waldron Island in the San Juan Archipelago in Washington. The Pacific Coast island had no electricity, running water, telephones or stores.

The film will center on a boy inventor who escapes suburbia to an idyllic meadow, where he builds a utopia in the trees. There he becomes a reluctant hero who leads a band of fellow outcasts on a mission to awaken their families before it’s too late.

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