‘Jetsons’ Feature Film Still In Talks


News on Warner Bros. bringing to life a feature film adaptation of “The Jetsons” is far from new information. Twice in 2005 (here and here) we reported news from a couple of animated sources citing similar information to what Variety is reporting today, but this update does seem to be a little more progressive.

Apparently WB has tapped Adam F. Goldberg to pen a new screenplay based on the popular animated Hanna-Barbera TV show, which revolved around the travails of George Jetson, wife Jane, daughter Judy, son Elroy and their dog, Astro.

Back when the rumors were flying around there was talk of Cheaper by the Dozen 2 helmer Adam Shankman directing the pic and Steve Martin starring as George Jetson. These are obviously rumors but it does get your brain thinking about who will be starring in the film, is that little kid from Jerry Maguire too old to play Elroy? Based on his official site I would say yes.

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