‘Hulk 2’ is On and the Villain is….


Were you a fan of Ang Lee’s Hulk or were you like the majority of society that thought it was a two hour bore? Personally I was right down the middle. I gave the film a “B-” after watching it in the theater, but I, oddly enough, enjoyed it on DVD, which I originally thought might not translate too well.

Anyway, as for our story. CNN Money had an interview with Marvel head honcho, Avi Arad, and Avi talked a bit about the sequel to Hulk and his thoughts on how it would all play out and which villain would be giving the green guy trouble this time around. On top of that he also talked about why the original didn’t do so well and what the difference would be in Hulk 2.

Here is a snippet from the very long interview:

After praising Lee as a genius, Arad observes that “the Hulk movie was a study of anger, and people wanted a popcorn movie.” Lee’s film focused on the Hulk’s origins – Bruce Banner’s abusive father, his mutated DNA, the gamma ray accident that gave him the power to transform into a walking steroid attack. It was dark and intense, and Banner didn’t even do his Hulk bit until nearly halfway through the film. “Our Hulk,” Arad says, “will be a diet Hulk. Lighter. Focusing on the love story, Hulk as hero, and his battle with the villain.”

For that villain, Arad has chosen one of his favorite baddies: Abomination, a former Yugoslav spy who has mutated into a 980-pound freak of terrifying strength and unpleasant demeanor. “He’s capable of amazing feats,” Arad says, eyes gleaming. And if Arad is right and the Hulk sequel or some of Marvel’s other self-made films break into blockbuster territory, people will be saying the same thing about him someday.

Get the complete interview here.

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