Around the Web: April 26, 2006


Filming on The Nanny Diaries is underway: [LINK ONE] – [LINK TWO]

Iron Man Script Review: [LatinoReview]

International Poster for The Omen: [LatinoReview]

Tom Cruise Nike Commercial Spoof: [YouTube] – [IFilm] – []

The Mission: Impossible 3 Updates: [Official Site] – [3 New TV Spots] – [Another AICN Review] – [17 New Stills]

Warner Bros. Summer Images added to our Summer 2006 Preview: [RopeofSilicon]

Five United 93 Clips: [RopeofSilicon]

Chronicles of Narnia Contest: [Disney]

Superman Returns Soundtrack Talk: []

Grindhouse Chatter: [Ain’t It Cool News]

David Fincher video featurette on the Zodiac being shot digitally Apple’s Final Cut Studio: []

Official A Scanner Darkly Site is live: [WIP]

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