FEATURE: The Ultimate Summer 2006 Preview!


Wanna know what’s coming up this summer? Well I have the preview for you as I have put together a list of the top 54 movies coming out this summer from all of the major studios and even some of the smaller ones for you to decide just what you are going to be spending your money on.

On top of that we are continually getting new pics from each of the films in the preview so expect the galleries to be growing over the next few weeks as more of them roll in. As a matter of fact I have already updated the Fox and Universal galleries with new images from films such as X-Men: The Last Stand, Miami Vice, The Fast and the Furious 3, The Omen, Garfield 2 and The Devil Wears Prada. And folks, this is just the beginning.

So to get started click here or on the image above and choose your starting weekend and enjoy!

Box Office

Weekend: Nov. 22, 2018, Nov. 25, 2018

New Releases