Brittany Murphy ‘Turns Me On’!


June 6 is not only a big day because it will see the release of Fox’s remake of The Omen or because there are about seven new DVDs that I want that come out that day. No! There is something far more important than that and about a week ago AOL unleashed a preview of the reason June 6, 2006 is so special.


That’s right, it doesn’t seem movie related, but wait! The first single from the disc has been released and until now I had only heard the demo disc that was sent out to clubs around the world and are available on eBay. This single is called “Faster Kill Pussycat” and it features none other than Brittany Murphy‘s sexy vox over Oak’s techno tracks.

To listen to the song click here or on the massive pic of Brittany below to head on over to AOL and to preorder the disc for yourself, which also features none other than Grandmaster Flash and Pharrell Williams, you can click here. Pharrell is on a track called “Sex ‘N Money” and I have also heard a remix of this one and it is damned good.

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