Box-Office Oracle: Apr. 14 – Apr. 16


A couple of stinkers star this weekend in the form of Scary Movie 4 and The Wild. I had to skip one and wait until you hear what I have to say about the other. For now though why don’t you dig into what I am serving. Yeah!

1. Scary Movie 4 $41.4m

Welcome to the top spot freak nasty. Don’t get too comfortable or I’ll shank you.

2. Ice Age 2: The Meltdown $15.9m

I’d like to meltdown those grillz the rappers are sporting. That’s like ten, twenty bucks right there.

3. The Wild $15.7m

This movie was so bad I almost blacked out involuntarily. The mind will bail out the body if things get nasty enough.

4. The Benchwarmers $10.8m

It still hasn’t been screened for me. Whenever I go to buy a ticket they have my picture on the wall and scream out “Leave ya filthy reviewer, git out of here! – And take your notepad and pen light with ya!”

5. Take The Lead $6.9m

Toma la premier es muy muy malo. Confianza me.

6. ATL $5.3m

I could really use some ice cream. Mint chocolate chip if you want to send it.

7. Thank You For Smoking $5.1m

I thought it was okay but everyone and their momma is loving on it. I can’t go against momma can I?

8. Inside Man $4.9m

Fat bottom girls make everyone happy.

9. Lucky Number Slevin $4.4m

Shout out to my people who walk on all fours just like my dates after I drug em.

10. Phat Gilz $1.8

They should have done a Fat Boyz documentary if any of them are still alive.

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