Jessica Simpson in ‘Dallas’?


Am I the only one that is tired of seeing Jessica “Big Tits” Simpson? Am I the only one that thinks we are keeping her around just in hopes that she will one day flash the happy hats for the world to see? Please, just give her a Playboy deal and end the madness… For that matter throw Jennifer Love-Hewitt in the same issue along with Jessica Alba and end all curiousity.

Actually, now that I think about it… If that issue of Playboy came out it might not only make Playboy relevant again, but it may cause for a male workforce stoppage. Come on Hugh, shut down Wall Street with the publishing of one magazine!

Anyway, as for the news, this one comes from MTV as they had a chitty chat with Jessica “Buffalo Wings/Cheezy Bites” Simpson and she confirmed that she’s had a meeting with the producers of the upcoming feature film adaptation of Dallas about playing the part of Lucy Ewing (a role originated by ’80s bombshell Charlene Tilton).

“That would be an honor for me,” Simpson told MTV. “I’m a Texas girl, so you can’t go wrong there. But you know, however it all works out, I’m just kind of going with the flow, one day at a time.”

If Fox brings on Simpson for this film I may have to dub it my most hated film to come. I already think this looks like a horrible film and to think that Jessica Simpson is going to be in it spells disaster.

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