Jessica Alba Chats Up ‘Fantastic Four 2’


I will admit, I partially enjoyed the first Fantastic Four. Oh yeah, it had problems and plenty of them, but on a whole I thought it was entertaining. But, of course, I would like it if it had a much more serious nature about it and who know, maybe Fantastic Four 2 will do just that. However, with director Tim Story at the helm I don’t expect all comedy and poor one-liners to be removed.

All that said, Jessica Alba, a.k.a. The Invisible Woman, revealed some sequel bits to MTV. First off saying that Dr. Doom (played by Julian McMahon in the first film) will not be back, but Alba was tight-lipped on how the new baddie will be. As for whether or not comic book fans will be pleased with the sequel this is what she said:

“We’re making the right changes,” Alba said, responding to detractors of the first flick. “It’s gonna be an amped-up version, this next one. It’s gonna be faster, and it’s gonna be a more intense story line that kind of references the comic a bit more.”

She then said something that wouldn’t necessarily make me happy since it seems kinda hokey, but she said, “Maybe [we’ll have] the Fantastic Car… which I’m excited about.”

A “Fantastic Car”? She is, of course, referring to the flying vehicle that was featured in the Fantastic Four comics, but I think they need to focus on the story and let the added effects take a back seat.

Fantastic Four 2 is expected to begin filming this summer for a July 4, 2007 release date, pitting it up against the live-action feature adaptation of The Transformers.

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