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For far too long, Jason Bateman just couldn’t get “Arrested.” Since the untimely cancellation of the cult favorite series “Arrested Development,” which aired on Fox from 2003-2006, Bateman has continued to express an interest in reviving the series as a feature film. And finally last month, Bateman’s co-star Jeffrey Tambor confirmed the much-discussed movie was a likely go, with series creator Mitch Hurwitz and executive producer Ron Howard reportedly inking deals with Fox Searchlight shortly thereafter. got the update on the “Development” developments from Bateman:

ComingSoon,net: Will it be a relief when you actually start filming the “Arrested Development” movie so that people will stop asking you about it?

Jason Bateman: I don’t mind talking about it! I’m as big a fan of it as they are. So I feel sort of fortunate that I’m able to give them information on it. I would want them to give me information on it if they had it. I can say that we’re looking better than ever. There are just a few more conversations to be had with some cast members to see if they want to be a part of it. Once we get the head count we’ll be able to go forward with it and hopefully start shooting in the summer.

CS: Is the story already on paper?

Bateman: I don’t think so. I know that Mitch has a couple of ideas, but he’s really waiting to nail it down until he knows exactly who’s going to be involved.

CS: Do you see having Michael Cera and your relationship in film as something crucial? I thought that was one of the more important parts of the show.

Bateman: Sure. It’s not obviously my decision to make. It’ll be Mitch’s, but there are so many different ways to go with it just based on it being an ensemble. I can’t wait to see what he cooks up.

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