Paquin and Meyer Reside in the ‘Blue State’


Before I get started with this article I have a request. You see that picture of Anna Paquin to the left? Well, I think it looks pretty good, but it is also the best picture I have ever seen of her online and I know she looks better than that and there must be better pics of her. So, if you can find a better one email it to me. I would love to feature some nice pics of this young star. Come to think of it… If you can find really good pics of any young actresses shoot them over. Who knows maybe we can make it an every day/week/month thing.

Now, with that out of the way, to our story.

Variety is reporting that Anna will star with Breckin Meyer in the romantic comedy Blue State for first time director Marshall Lewy.

The film follows a young, idealistic Democratic campaigner who follows through on a promise to move to Canada if George W. Bush got re-elected. Paquin is exec producing, and her brother, Andrew Paquin, will produce under their Paquin Films banner. That’s right, the Paquins are taking charge.

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