Sam Jackson is Managing ‘1408’


This is one I cannot wait for, and thanks to The Hollywood Reporter we now learn that Samuel L. Jackson will be joining John Cusack in the Mikael Hafstrom directed adaptation of the Stephen King novella 1408 for Dimension Films.

Jackson will play Olin, the hotel manager at the Dolphin Hotel, in which the tale of Mike Enslin (Cusack) unfolds. Enslin is a debunker of paranormal activity and the notorious Room 1408 at the Dolphin Hotel is his latest target. Trust me, if you have the chance to pick this short story up before the film I suggest you do. It is one of King’s better ones and considering it only takes up 37 pages of King’s collection of short stories in “Everything’s Eventual” it shouldn’t take you long to absorb it.

Oh yeah, and if you are too lazy for that how about picking up the audio book collection “Blood and Smoke”, that one has it too.

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