Dinklage Tapped as ‘Underdog’ Baddie


Well, I may have had doubts (and I still do), but some of them washed away today as Peter Dinklage has reportedly joined the cast of Walt Disney Pictures and Spyglass Entertainment’s Underdog.

The film will be a live-action version of the once-popular animated kids show following an underachieving pooch named Shoeshine Boy who would become Underdog and attempt to save the world from villains. In the movie the villain will be Simon Barsinister (Dinklage), an evil scientist who once created a Big Dipper Machine in an effort to steal the world’s water supply.

Underdog will be brought to life via the use of a CGI-enhanced live dog.

Underdog is currently slated to begin shooting on April 10 under the direction of Racing Stripes helmer Frederik Du Chau with an eye for an August 3, 2007 release date.

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