Reid and Patterson Score a ‘7-10 Split’


I can’t believe directors are still willing to work with Tara Reid but apparently that is the case as she and Ross Patterson are set to star in the bowling comedy 7-10 Split… Want the kicker? Tara’s bro, Tommy Reid, is directing the pic. Ah ha, it has come to this.

So, Reid can get work when her bro is directing or if it is a shitty knockoff of The Crow, or a bowling comedy. *laugh*

Anyway, the story revolves around an aspiring actor who becomes the Tiger Woods of the bowling circuit. Together, he and his girlfriend put the fun and edge back into bowling.

Taking that into consideration, how about the plot of the script I am penning:

Actress stars in a hit comedy film then suffers a case of the ego. Almost marries a TRL Tool, gets drunk every night, has pictures taken of her hammered off her ass, gets a boob job, shows off her botched new tits on the red carpet, gets drunk some more, gets hired by her brother to film a direct-to-video bowling feature and then fades into the sunset.

I don’t know about you, but at least mine has nudity.

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