Putting ‘Casino Royale’ Rumors to Rest


You all heard the rumors, Daniel Craig had some teeth knocked out during the filming of Casino Royale, he can’t drive stick, blah, blah, blah. I didn’t report these bits of speculation because that is all they are… speculation and rumor – poppycock perhaps. Well, those two stories have been put to rest as has confirmation that Craig is already set to play Bond in the 22nd film in the franchise as the Boston Herald delivered a great recap on recent events, here is a sample:

“The story about the stick shift was ludicrous,” [Bond producer Barbara Broccoli] told Entertainment Weekly. “Everybody drives a stick in England. You have to be able to in order to get an unrestricted license over there.”

In the same interview, “Casino Royale” director, Martin Campbell, described what actually happened to Craig’s teeth.

“No, his teeth didn’t get knocked out,” he said. “What happened was that one of the caps came loose while we were filming in Prague. A local dentist came to the set, put a bit of glue on it, and that was that. The whole thing took 10 minutes.”

“The tabloids come up with these stupid stories,” said Broccoli. “Almost everything they’ve written about this movie has been wrong.”

Unfortunately for the diehards, Daniel Craig has already been tapped to star in the follow-up to “Casino Royale.”

“He’s an incredibly funny, charming, sexy guy,” said Broccoli. “Fans are going to love him – they just don’t know him yet.”

For me, the problem isn’t Daniel Craig, the problem is director Martin Campbell. Campbell has not shown the ability to get down and dirty, the style of acting Craig can deliver and the new direction I was hoping this Bond film would go. The other problem is the Bond franchise tends to go the more family friendly route, and with the Bourne franchise hot on its heels, Bond may soon be a thing of the past.

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