Could the ‘Simpsons’ Movie Already Be Underway?


By now I am sure you have all heard that “The Simpsons” were picked up for two more seasons, which means the show is going to reach the astonishing number of 19 seasons at a minimum, and to think they would stop before 20 is a bit crazy. But, as for this bit of news, Ain’t It Cool News scored a mini scoop from a reader concerning the state of The Simpsons Movie, which is apparently underway already.

Check out the quote below for more info:

Not sure if this has been mentioned before, but Harry Shearer was on the Mancow radio show this morning and they were talking about all things Simpsons. He mentioned the two year contract extension and then was asked the question if this will delay the movie project by two years. His response was that it would not delay it, because they were recording dialogue for it right now. He then was asked if the movie would be more edgy to which he said that it pushed the boundaries, but it wasn’t going to be an R rated movie. Asked if there was swearing in the movie, he said a little more than normal, but not the characters he voices, since he voices Rev. Lovejoy and Ned Flanders.

Hmmmmm… My opinion is that the show has run its course and is turning a bit stale, but I think a movie would change all of that. There would be more freedom giving the animators and writers more options. I am curious to see where this goes.

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