Oldman is Back as Black in ‘Potter 5’


The “Sirius Problem” has come to a conclusion as one Gary Oldman fansite and the über-Harry Potter fansite HPANA have both confirmed with Oldman‘s long-time manager Doug Urbanski that Gary will be back in Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix as Sirius Black.

“Coincidentally” the news comes on Oldman’s birthday as the actor turns 48 and HPANA carry the quotes from Urbanski saying:

“I’m so relieved and happy,” said Urbanski. “I can’t put my mind in the place of the producers, but I would’ve thought that when they read the book, a call to us would’ve been very high on their list. Obviously, the character of Sirius Black is key.”

“Since they had no option for Gary on this film, he was a free agent. Last week, we told them that Gary had another movie, and it was just a question of doing a deal,” he said.

Of the negotiations this morning with producer David Heyman, Urbanski said: “It was the most mature, simple and friendly negotiation that I’ve ever done.”

“It’s a wonderful role. Gary read the script last night, and he read part of it to me on the phone this morning. The end of the story is: Gary’s in it. It’s a terrific script, and he’s so happy to be back.”

Gotta wonder how much extra money was negotiated into this contract eh?

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