Routh Talks ‘Superman Returns’


It’s getting to be about that time as summer movies are just around the corner and among the list of films people are anxious to see I am sure Superman Returns ranks somewhere near the top of everyone’s list, which is what makes this latest interview so cool.

LatinoReview, the site that announced Brandon Routh as the next Superman before anyone else, scored a one-on-one exclusive interview with the upcoming Man of Steel and he shared his thoughts on his performance, the film, the action and his life now that he is a bonafide superhero.

Check out a clip from the interview below and click the link that follows to enjoy the rest:

Kel: How’s your Superman different than the late Reeve’s Superman?

Routh: Its different slightly because of the script, different demands. I think in this film we see Superman enduring a lot more emotional stress because he’s gone away and not said his goodbyes. So he’s having to work through relationships again, Lois isn’t happy that he left and so he has to reconnect with a lot of people, his mother, all these people. So emotionally he’s in a different place, he’s growing up and maturing and because these things he learns things and grows from that. So that’s a big difference in how my Superman is different. It’s in the story.

Click here for the rest of the interview, and thanks to Kellvin for the heads up.

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