Jolie Eyed for ‘Sin City 2’?


There is no surprise that Sin City 2 is being delayed considering it is a Weinstein Co. production, but this time it seems it isn’t due to the brothers ‘Stein holding the film for a later release, instead it is because Robert Rodriguez wants Angelina Jolie for a role in the film and considering she is very much pregnant at the moment filming has been delayed.

The news comes to us as Sci-Fi Wire had a few words with Rosario Dawson who starred in the first flick and will reprise her role as the rogue hooker Gail in the sequel. Dawson told the site, “The film’s been kind of postponed because Robert has been interested in Angelina Jolie for the lead… But she’s very pregnant right now. So that’s putting an understandable hold on the film.”

Sin City 2 will be based on Frank Miller’s graphic novel stories “A Dame to Kill for” and “Lost, Lonely and Lethal” and while we know this, we don’t know exactly what role Jolie is being eyed for.

Dawson went on to comment about her part in the flick saying, “I don’t think Gail changes all that much from the first film to this one… Gail is always Gail. The only preparation I’ve had to do was just to stay healthy. I think the main question in regards to Gail is whether or not I’ll cut my hair this time. It’s starting to get a bit long now.”

Jolie’s pregnancy was confirmed back in mid-January with an expected summer delivery. I can only assume she will make a miraculous Hollywood comeback and be as sexy as ever once the baby has been born. Jolie will be seen in The Good Shepherd later this year.

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