Knightley Torn Between Two Features


The world is going Keira Knightley crazy and for good reason, she is hot [PROOF HERE]! She also has that British accent, which for some reason gives me a bit of a warm rush. All that aside however this article is not about how much Keira makes me think dirty thoughts, but more along the lines of what Keira is thinking about, and when she isn’t thinking about me she is deciding what movie to star in next.

According to Variety Miss Knightley has a decision to make as she as not only agreed to star in The Best Time of Our Lives, a film her mother wrote, but also Atonement for director Joe Wright, who helmed her Oscar-nominated performance in Pride and Prejudice.

Knightley has two free months this summer following her filming of Silk in May and before she returns to star in Pirates of the Caribbean 3 in August and the problem arises as both films are set to film this summer. So what is a girl to do?

Luckily for Knightley, director Mike Radford is helming The Best Time of Our Lives and he is also directing Flawless, which begins production on March 27. So, for him to helm both features in such a short span of time is unlikely.

Since I had not yet reported on the long-gestating feature The Best Time of Our Lives here is Variety‘s description of the pic:

“Best Time of Our Lives” is based on the true story of the complex relationship between Welsh poet Dylan Thomas, his wife, Caitlin, his childhood friend Vera Phillips and her eventual husband, William Killick. Knightley is down to play Vera.

No matter what film she decides to do next it looks like we won’t have to worry about a Keira Knightley vacation for a long time. There is a lot more screen time for this British beauty to come including Pirates of the Caribbean 2, which hits theaters on July 7.

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