Get In Touch With Your ‘Basic Instinct’


I think it was one day before the Super Bowl that an extremely racy, steamy, sexy montage of footage from the upcoming Basic Instinct sequel “slipped” online.

Back when the footage first made its appearance I was positive it wasn’t supposed to be out there. Guess what, I was wrong and sure enough it stuck around and I have just added it to the RopeofSilicon Media Gallery and oh baby is it melting my server as we speak. You gonna check it out pervert?!?! How perverted are you really? Okay, we are all perverts, click here to go check that out, but that isn’t all I have to tell you.

In celebration of the upcoming film, which hits theaters on March 31 AOL is allowing it’s Instant Messenger users to go a bit deeper into the story than ever before as there will be a special IM bot program featuring Dr. Glass from the film giving you further insight into the story.

AIM users will be prompted to participate in an AOL Instant Message conversation with Dr. Glass, the protagonist psychotherapist in Basic Instinct 2. In the conversation Dr. Glass furthers the movie’s plotline by explaining his obsession with Catherine Trammel, Sharon Stone’s character. We find out that Dr. Glass was crucial in convincing a jury that Catherine Trammel is not guilt of a murder, and in the midst of his entrapment into her world he recorded some private therapy sessions between them, which the user can listen to by calling a phone number.

Now, the unfortunate thing is that I have not been given a time or date as to when this will be available, but you can always keep checking here or on the official Basic Instinct 2 website for updates.

Speaking of the website, that is another little gem that will be picking up in the very near future so keep an eye out there as well. After all, who doesn’t want Sharon Stone’s legs gracing their desktop? What? Too old you say? You still haven’t watched that clip have you? Click here damn you!

Once you are done with that and your parents have scolded you for watching Internet softcore porn you can click here and check out the official trailer of which I have also added to the RopeofSilicon Media Gallery.

Enjoy! I will bring you more updates as we get closer to the release date.

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