Box-Office Oracle: Mar. 3 – Mar. 5


Four movies open this weekend, I counted twice just to make sure. The two main contenders to the crown this
weekend both have Mos Def in them, though the films are widly divergent. Let’s take a look at them and break down
this thing like a chicken wing.

16 Blocks is the first film to take a shot
and it has solid box office star Bruce Willis in it. Willis has generally picked strong scripts in his career,
and while this one isn’t exactly weak it’s not a bulldozer either. As a great man once said, “you might
forget this one 16 Blocks from the theater.”

Dave Chappelle’s Block Party is probably the
best film to be released in 2006, albeit only in 1200 theaters. I think distributors took one look at this film
and labeled it niche which is a crying shame. I loved it and would rejoice should it claim the crown but I’m
not holding my breath over here.

I’m not giving the other two releases a paragraph of love because they’ll soon be forgotten. They will both crack
the top ten so maybe I’ll tell you a little about them then. You never know, wonders never cease around the
Oracle household. I’m a cashew, let’s do this!

1. Tyler Perry’s Madea’s Family Reunion $17.6m

Yep, it will repeat as box office champ. I can’t explain or justify it so don’t bother asking. If the world
were fair I’d already be filthy rich and running a unicorn farm.

2. 16 Blocks $16.2m

Has anyone heard the song “Hey Julie”? It’s by the band that kind of did a cheesy song but I may
be willing to give them another chance. I believe mercy is the finest of human attributes.

3. Dave Chappelle’s Block Party $12.0m

If you see this one check out Dave wandering around his hometown… he doesn’t just bridge the racial divide – he obliterates it.

4. Ultraviolet $11.5m

I consider myself a Milla guy but I’m not sure I buy in here. Anyway, what is up here? I profess my love and she doesn’t call? Yeah, I am definitely counting on this one dropping off big next week.

5. Eight Below $10.6m

They are DOGS! I mean gimme a break over here.

6. Aquamarine $8.8m

Yes, more mermaid movies, thank goodness the public’s cry has finally been answered. You know the focus groups were hot on this one.

7. The Pink Panther $6.7m

Sorry I crashed your black panther party.

8. Date Movie $4.2m

I didn’t think I’d ever run out of one liners but it’s looking bleak these days. I’ll just note this
one isn’t about the fruit.

9. Curious George $4.0m

I’m crazy curious to see the director’s cut on this one. I heard a ton of politicking was happening
behind the scenes.

10. Firewall $3.0

I’m not going to talk Firewall but I do want to commend Doogal for opening wider even after it was
destroyed at the box office. Hey, if you are losing money on every deal you should just try to make
it up in volume right?

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