Trio Tapped for Moyle Dark Comedy


Who is director Allan Moyle you ask? Well, if Variety hadn’t mentioned it in the article I would have had to look it up myself, but it turns out he was the director of the 1990 comedy Pump Up the Volume, a film I actually loved and one that showcased Christian Slater‘s talents as Hard Harry, certainly the best performance of his career.

Anyway, back to the story at hand as Moyle has taken on directorial reigns for the dark comedy Weirdsville for Darius Films. Already aboard the feature are Scott Speedman, Wes Bentley and Taryn Manning.

The script was penned by Willem Wennekers and revolves around a pair of hapless teen slackers who seek to bury the body of a friend who’s overdosed at an abandoned drive-in. There they stumble on a satanic cult performing a ritual.

Teen slackers eh? Well Speedman is 30, Bentley is 27 and Manning is 27… I hope they aren’t going to be the hapless teens or this one is going to have that “90210” feel, which ain’t exactly a good thing.

Screen Media will distribute in the US, while ThinkFilm will distribute in Canada.

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