Zach Braff Will ‘Open Hearts’


Zach Braff found early filmmaking success with his indie drama Garden State and he has found his next film in the form of a Danish remake called Open Hearts for Paramount Pictures.

Braff is set to direct, produce and most likely take a small role in the film which is set to begin shooting in Braff’s homestate New Jersey in June.

The original pic starred Mads Mikkelsen, Sonja Richter, Nikolaj Lie Kaas and Paprika Steen and was described as a Dogma 95 film about a woman who is devastated when her fiance is paralyzed from the waist down in a car accident. To complicate the situation, she enters into an affair with her fiance’s doctor, whose wife is the driver who caused the accident.

Braff will be seen later this year in the rom-com The Last Kiss opposite Jacinda Barrett.

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