Tea Leoni is a ‘Funlady’


Variety is reporting that Touchstone Pictures and Beacon Pictures are teaming to bring to the big screen Funlady with Tea Leoni attached to star.

Leoni’s husband, David Duchovny, is producing, and acquired the life rights of Linda Brewer, an Arkansas woman who raised her daughters by hosting passion parties and selling marital sex toys out of her car. Duchovny drafted the project with Leoni and has attached Susan Brightbill to write the script.

The Variety article goes on to say that Brewer dropped out of high school when she got married. When she found herself single and in need of a career, she attended a “passion party,” the X-rated version of a Tupperware party, and became a pitchwoman for pleasure, thriving in the Bible belt.

There is no word on whether or not Duchovny will direct this pic as he did with House of D, which also starred his wife. The article does, however, go on to say that he is following up his starring turn with Julianne Moore in Trust the Man with his next directorial project Bucky Fucking Dent.

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