Belle and Strait Head Back to ‘10,000 B.C.’


Wow, this one really caught me off guard. Not necessarily the choice of Camilla Belle since this hottie has a bit of an edge to her, if there was anything good to say about The Chumscrubber it would have been her performance. Since then she starred in When a Stranger Calls, a film that was previewed for maybe a handfull of critics around the nation and those that saw it were less than gracious.

Nevertheless, none of that has stopped Roland Emmerich from casting Camilla and none other than Steven Strait in his upcoming prehistoric epic 10,000 B.C. for Warner Bros. pictures.

The film centers on a young tribal mammoth hunter (Strait) at the dawn of modern man as he embarks on an epic journey through uncharted territory to secure the future of his dying tribe. In the process, he saves the one he loves (Belle).

After reading that I have to hope you are in the same category as I am… Steven Strait…? A mammoth hunter…? Uh, gimme a break! Where is Nell Carter when you need her? Gary Coleman gimme a “What you talkin’ ’bout?” Someone please say something! I can only sit back and wonder how they came to this decision. Strait has only played a teenage “superhero” in Sky High and a singer/songwriter in the Lionsgate flop Undiscovered. He does have the action/horror The Covenant due out this year from Columbia Pictures, but I don’t see any of those flicks touting his skill as a mammoth hunter.

No matter what I say though I am sure things aren’t going to change as production will begin in the spring in South Africa and Namibia.

Emmerich and Kloser wrote the original script, based on an idea that Emmerich conceived 10 years ago (not 10,000, that would be weird). John Orloff (HBO’s “Band of Brothers”) and Matthew Sand wrote revisions, and the current script is written by Robert Rodat (Saving Private Ryan). Warners will distribute worldwide.

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