Thomas Jane is Out to ‘Evilseek’


Thomas Jane has been a bit quiet since he starred as The Punisher for Lionsgate and his guest starring role on “Arrested Development“, but he will soon be back on the big screen as he is set to star in Killshot for the Weinstein Co. later this year and it is even rumored that there is going to be a Punisher 2 sometime soon, but before any Punisher roles he will star in Evilseek.

Evilseek is a supernatural thriller recently acquired by The Weinstein Co., which was written and will be directed by Running Scared helmer Wayne Kramer.

In the film Jane will play a cop so demoralized by the handiwork of a serial killer that he commits suicide. Satan uses the cop’s body as a vessel, inheriting a disgruntled ex-wife, a promiscuous 15-year-old daughter, a lesbian partner and some of the cop’s dogged determination to catch the killer.

Yeah, it is a bit out there isn’t it?

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