A Sirius ‘Potter’ Problem


SPECIAL NOTE: I followed up this news with a Warner Bros. representative and they confirmed the story out of The Hollywood Reporter that Gary Oldman is expected to be back as Sirius Black. This is not to say that negotiations have taken place, or that he is signed and things are finalized, but it was good to hear. I think we all anticipated this, but it did allow me to breathe a sigh of relief since I would hate to see something silly hurt any of the Potter films. (edited on Feb. 23, 2006)

I am amazed this is even being discussed as Gary Oldman‘s management company, The Douglas Management Group, has posted a statment on their website in regards to the latest report out of The Hollywood Reporter that Gary Oldman is fully expected to return as Sirius Black for Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix.

Based on this statement things do not look good at all. Granted Oldman’s management company may be playing a bit of cat and mouse, but if he is not going to be returning to the role it is not going to make Potter fans happy considering it will be the first time the franchise will have to replace a cast member by choice. To date Michael Gambon is the only cast member to take the place of a former, but that was only due to the unfortunate passing of Richard Harris in the role of Dumbledore.

Think this is all smoke and mirrors? Well, check out the bit from Oldman’s management company below and then tell me what you think:

Feb. 20th, 2006:
All previous postings on this site remain accurate.

There are currently no plans for Gary Oldman to appear in the upcoming Potter film. We confirm that no negotiations are taking place. We confirm once again that Mr. Oldman is actively seeking other employment.

The public comments of the Potter producers are puzzling and also misleading.

Today we take the further step of noting that it does not look likely that Mr. Oldman will once again play the role of Sirius Black. For reasons known only to the producers of the Potter film, Mr. Oldman has not been engaged. As we approach the beginning of March we are in the “window of commitments” wherein virtually any job accepted would render Mr. Oldman unavailable for this film. The producers, we presume, are well aware of how this all works. While one does not want to jump to wrong conclusions, there is a growing sense that it was never the intention for them to have Mr. Oldman return.

Feb. 14th, 2006:
Today an incorrect and erroneous story appeared in the Hollywood Reporter stating that Gary Oldman would be in the upcoming Potter film. The Hollywood Reporter ran the story without speaking with us. The story is accompanied with a quote from Potter producer David Heyman. David’s comment and the story have been picked up and run all over the world giving the false impression that there are some kind of current plans for Mr. Oldman to appear in the upcoming Potter film. There are none at this time.

At this point all of our previous comments, listed on this site, remain accurate: there are currently no plans for Mr. Oldman to appear in this film and his representatives are actively seeking other employment for him. There are several films currently under offer to Mr. Oldman and he is considering all his options as one does.

The Reporter story today also indicated that Mr. Oldman is filming David Fincher’s “Zodiac.” Mr. Oldman is not in the film “Zodiac” and never was. It has been reported that he was playing the role of Melvin Belli. He is not. The part is being played by the wonderful actor Brian Cox.

In other Order of the Phoenix news the release date is now eyeing a November 2007 release, which will make it two years without a Harry Potter film.

Oh yeah, and I will soon have a full review of the 2-Disc Special Edition of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, the special feature dedicated to the Triwizard Challenge “The Lake” is actually running in the background as I type this bit of news. That disc hits store shelves on March 7, click here for more details.

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