Are the ‘Royale’ Bond Pains Coming to an End?


I have to tell you, all the James Bond casting stories have quickly become extremely annoying. Who is playing Bond? Who is playing Vesper Lynd? Who is playing the bad guy? Enough already!

After Daniel Craig was named James Bond back on October 14, 2005 I thought these types of stories were over, at least as far as Casino Royale was concerned, but not the case. A plethora of names have been attached to the Bond Girl, Vesper Lynd, in the exact same fashion as the Bond casting, but it may all come to an end today as Variety tells us a 007 press conference is skedded today at Prague’s Barrandov Studios, where the Martin Campbell-directed pic has been shooting.

Apparently Sony has said the press conference will not include any new casting announcements but Variety mentions that Eva Green (pic above left) and Olivia Wilde (large pic below) are the frontrunners for the Vesper role and Danish actor Mads Mikkelsen (pic right) is most likely going to be cast as the villain, Le Chiffre.

These rumors can hardly be credited to Variety as I was alerted yesterday to several articles pointing out the casting bits, the best of which I found at IGN where they not only made mention of Mads as the baddie, but they also discovered a possible plotline over at Yahoo! News, which reads as follows:

The family of a Brazilian man shot dead after being mistaken for a terrorist are “shocked” that his killing is to be reportedly mirrored in the plot of the next James Bond blockbuster, starring Daniel Craig.

That isn’t the only Bond casting the IGN article throws out, click here to see who may be playing a casino croupier. Gotta give love to IGN for there Bond scoops, they have done stellar!

As for these Vesper and Le Chiffre rumors, stay tuned, I will have the latest as soon as it hits! Now quit worrying who is playing what and check out the pic of Olivia Wilde below after her guest starring role as Alex, the Marissa Cooper seducing lesbian, on “The O.C.“.

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