‘Friday the 13th’ Falls in the Dunes


This smells like disaster to me, but maybe you will think differently. Word out of Variety is that the 11th film in the Friday the 13th franchise is getting on the fast track as Michael Bay‘s Platinum Dunes has come aboard to produce the pic for New Line.

The studio is hoping to get the picture finished in time for an October “Friday the” 13th release, which means it is time to get busy.

The story centers on the origins of the Jason Voorhees character and New Line has hired Mark Wheaton to pen the script.

Based on New Line’s history with the franchise, Jason Goes to Hell and Jason X, I have no faith in this picture being any good. I will say, however, that Bay’s Platinum Dunes did do well with the Texas Chainsaw Massacre remake so maybe, just maybe, this one has a chance.

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