Stahl and Christensen ‘Rob a Bank’


Everytime I see the last name Christensen I think of Hayden. Then immediately after that I think, “What the hell are people doing still casting this guy?!?!?” Fortunately, this time, it is Erika and not Hayden as she is set to join Nick “That Yellow Bastard” Stahl in How to Rob a Bank for first time helmer and writer Andrews Jenkins.

The film begins production next week in Los Angeles and centers on a twentysomething slacker and a bank employee who get caught in the middle of a bank heist and are forced to arbitrate between the robbers and the police.

As for Jenkins’ past, he has has directed commercials for Nike and Adidas along with musicvideos for Korn, the Dandy Warhols, Gwen Stefani and his own band, Dirty Halo.

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