Trio Tapped for ‘Anamorph’


Scott Speedman, Peter Stormare and Clea DuVall have all joined the psychological thriller Anamorph under the direction of H.S. Miller. On top of that lesser known stars James Rebhorn, Yul Vazquez and Don Harvey have also joined the cast, which already featured Willem Dafoe.

The film is a tale of a detective (Dafoe) haunted by a serial-killer case who returns to his job five years later with a rookie partner (Speedman). When he discovers that his new case might have been perpetrated by a killer emulating the previous “Uncle Eddie” murders, the detective’s flashbacks begin to get the better of him, leading him to question his earlier conclusions. Stormare will play an art gallery owner, and DuVall will play an ex-junkie and former prostitute befriended by Dafoe’s character.

Apparently, the film’s title and plot line are derived from the term “anamorphic,” used to describe a painting where two perspectives can be seen on one canvas from different viewpoints.

Shooting is expected to get underway this month in New York.

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