Chris Penn Dies at 43!


This is some sad news. Most often my jaw doesn’t drop when I hear of the passing of a celebrity and most often times it is because it is their time to go due to old age or they are losing a battle with cancer. It is when a celebrity dies for no reason that it sort of catches you off guard just as did this headline at Variety reporting that Chris Penn, the brother of actor Sean Penn, was found dead in a Santa Monica residence on Tuesday, according to a report from TV station KABC.

The report does say that according to Santa Monica police there was no foul play involved.

Penn has had supporting roles on several films and television shows ranging from Reservoir Dogs, True Romance, Footloose, Rush Hour, “Seinfeld” and “Will & Grace“.

Penn is actually in a film that will be premiering at Sundance this year, The Darwin Awards. It is unfortunate news as Penn was a fun actor to watch. Hopefully there will be some official word on what happened soon.

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