Raimi Hears the Call of the ‘Siren’


I am done trying to come up with clever ways of saying that adapting videogames into feature films is getting old. On the other hand, I will say that the latest trailer for Silent Hill kicked a little bit of ass so I may be eating a few words once that one gets released. As for this story my confidence is not entirely destroyed, primarily because of the name behind this venture… Sam Raimi.

Variety is reporting that Sam Raimi and Rob Tapert’s Ghost House Pictures have just acquired the film rights to the Japanese videogame “Siren” from Sony Computer Entertainment’s worldwide game development studios for the PlayStation platforms with Michael Gordon aboard to pen the screenplay. There is no word that Raimi will direct, but his involvement does say a little bit about the project, and the storyline doesn’t sound too bad either. Here is how Variety broke it down:

“Siren” is a bestselling vidgame in Japan that has already spawned a soon-to-be-released sequel. The film version will focus on an American med school student searching for her missing sister in Japan. She begins her investigation in the remote mountain village of Hanuda, only to find herself trapped with an unspeakable evil that can no longer be contained.

Shooting is expected to begin this year.

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