Trio of Villains Tapped for ‘Night at the Museum’


According to The Hollywood Reporter the cast of Night at the Museum has grown by three as director Shawn Levy has found his baddies for the 20th Century Fox comedy starring Ben Stiller and Carla Gugino.

Mickey Rooney, Dick Van Dyke and Bill Cobbs will play security guards at the Museum of Natural History on the same detail as Ben Stiller’s night watchman. Stiller’s character discovers a magical pharaoh’s tablet, but Van Dyke, playing the head of security who has worked at the museum for nearly 50 years, wants the tablet to stay young. Rooney is his colleague who, with Cobbs, helps Van Dyke’s character with his nefarious schemes.

Considering I have not particularly enjoyed any of Stiller’s films I am not holding my breath on this one, and the casting of a Rooney, Van Dyke and Cobbs don’t exactly up the ante. Then again, I will never complain about the opportunity to watch Carla Gugino… Where is my Sin City DVD by the way?

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