Box-Office Wrap-Up: Jan. 20 – Jan. 22


The Oracle nailed it in style this weekend, I predicted a landslide and a landslide occurred. So to that guy in Topeka who bet me his home that Underworld: Evolution wouldn’t win I’ll be there on Tuesday to collect the deed. I’ve always wanted to live in Kansas.

1. Underworld: Evolution $27.6m (My rank #1, $2.9m off)

My only problem with Beckinsale is she’s a clinger. You guys know what I’m talking about, you see a movie or whatever and she’s calling you that night to plan the next day. I like her, don’t get me wrong, I’m just not good with the needy.

2. Hoodwinked $11.0m (My rank #3, $1.4m off)

Wink if you had this coming in second place. Also send me a pizza from Imo’s in St. Louis.

3. Glory Road $9.1m (My rank #2, $1.0m off)

Glory Road 2: They Try Curling has been greenlit and your boy Bruckheimer is all over the financing.

4. Last Holiday $9.1m (My rank #4, $2.3m off)

I wish I found out I had terminal cancer so I could get a vacation.

5. Brokeback Mountain $7.8m (My rank #5, $1.8m off)

This one got a Golden Globes bounce as I thought it would. Will it get an Oscar bounce too? This is what makes the whole Oracle business so exciting.

6. Fun with Dick and Jane $6.1m (My rank: #7, $.7m off)

I have no idea why people are still going to see this one. Boredom?

7. The Chronicles of Narnia; The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe $6.0m (My rank: #8, $.9m off)

Ditto on this one, super ditto even. Stop taking your kids to this, I implore you.

8. End of the Spear $4.7 (My rank: #9, $.6m off)

No one wrote me back on how this got financing so I assume it was the mob doing some money laundering.

9. Hostel $4.3m (My rank: #6, $1.6m off)

I’ve never stayed in a youth hostel. I think they’re for poor kids or something.

10. The New World $4.2m (My rank: Not Ranked)

A whole New World, every turn a surprise… Yeah, pretend you don’t know the Alladin song pal.

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