PT Anderson Brings ‘Blood’


You would think a movie titled There Will Be Blood would most certainly be a horror, especially since it was used as the catch phrase in the recent installement in the Saw franchise. But oh no, this is in fact the title of writer/director Paul Thomas Anderson‘s next film.

Since Magnolia in 1999, Anderson has done very little, Punch Drunk Love in 2002 I did not see, so I can’t comment. So, when word comes down that he is ready for his next feature and it is going to star Daniel Day-Lewis and carry a price tag over $25 million, my ears perk up.

There Will Be Blood will be jointly financed by Paramount Classics and Miramax Films and is going to be loosely adapted from Upton Sinclair’s 1927 novel “Oil!”. Day-Lewis will star as a turn-of-the-century Texas oil prospector in the early days of the oil business and Classics president John Lesher told Variety, “It’s an ambitious film and a compelling, relevant story about family, greed, religion and oil.” Sounds a little like Giant to me, I hope it is as good.

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