BEST OF 2005: Laremy’s 10 Best Movies


It’s that time of year again, when the lists pile up like kindling for the fireplace. First, in the interest of full disclosure I should mention what I didn’t see that could’ve made the list along with whatever excuse I can conjure up.

Here are a dozen I missed because I have to sleep sometimes (first excuse right there):

3-Iron: I look through my list and notice a lack of international diversity. I can only blame myself as I had tickets for this at Seattle Film Fest and probably went spelunking or something instead.

Breakfast on Pluto: This barely screened as far as I remember. Then again I do have early onset Alzheimer’s. (editor: diseases fair game?)

Brokeback Mountain: It’s not the gay thing it’s the Western thing. I can only take so many a year and I already saw The Three Burials of Melquiades Estrada and An Unfinished Life. That’s enough wistful looking at the stars for me, thank you very much.

Good Night, and Good Luck.: I believe it was in black and white, right? Yeah, I made a promise to the Coen brothers that the last B&W film I’d see was The Man Who Wasn’t There. I wanted to go out in style.

Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang: After reading the feature on it I really should have taken an evening and caught it. Val Kilmer is getting stranger so I should take advantage while he’s still lucid.

North Country: I just can’t do the whole miner woman’s rights things. One or the other, but not both.

Pride & Prejudice: I often find these classical remakes cute but not exceptional. I did really like Great Expectations but that’s far more modern.

The Constant Gardener: Again, I’d already seen the Interpreter and one African genocide… oh who am I kidding? This film deserved to be seen.

The New World: Finally one that’s not my fault! I haven’t been invited yet! I am anxiously waiting because I’m a Malick apologist from way back.

The Squid and the Whale: The issue is Dumb and Dumber. I refuse to let Jeff Daniels grow. I’ve typecast him.

War of the Worlds: I didn’t see it because everyone else did. Who needs my advice if they’ve already seen it?

You, Me, and Everyone We Know: The kind of small film that usually has me there was missed because I had to save a baby seal from a burning building. Yes, it’s time to start soliciting some sympathy.

And now the moment you’ve all been waiting for: THE TOP 10!!

#10 Sarah Silverman: Jesus is Magic
This was actually funnier than any other movie this year at times but it was also completely unhinged, a look into Sarah Silverman’s odd psychosis. She’s hot, she’s funny, and she’s mean as hell. What more could you want in a film?

#9 King Kong
The best this remake could have possibly been, and not to be sacrilegious but the original can’t match up to this opus. Added to the achievement is Peter Jackson showing off Jack Black‘s range in a way that School of Rock didn’t.

#8 Jarhead
This topsy-turvy little war-opic didn’t actually have war. It had the best Jaime Foxx role yet which all those Ray lovers won’t admit. I wonder what all the folks looking for some senseless killing thought?

#7 Batman Begins
The best Batman yet re-invented the entire franchise. We didn’t deserve this good. Christian Bale just became the new Brad Pitt with his mysterious countenance and ability to lose/gain 100 pounds upon request.

#6 The 40 Year Old-Virgin
Steven Carell pretty much set himself up for life with the formulaic comedy of the year. It was better throughout than Wedding Crashers even though that one had a more opening solid hour.

#5 Walk the Line
As good as a biopic can get, more balanced than The Aviator, more interesting than Capote. If Phoenix doesn’t get a nomination I’ll probably have to fly down to L.A. and formally protest or something.

#4 Cinderella Man
This film had more heart than the Red Cross but the peoples didn’t come. No wonder Crowe is punching people out. I almost don’t want to build it up too much because the studio sabotaged it by releasing it in February. Why should I do all the work?

#3 Grizzly Man
The best documentary of the past five years about one crazy ass nature lover. You won’t know whether to be shocked or giggle. You’ll probably try a little of both trying to figure out what the hell maniac Timothy Treadwell is talking about.

#2 Serenity
This flick made Sci-Fi fun again. Joss Whedon will have an enormous hit within the next five years, maybe with Wonder Woman. He’s too smart not to. As for Serenity, let’s hope it has a huge DVD run like Shawshank Redemption.

#1 Elizabethtown
In the grand spirit of Huckabees and Life Aquatic my #1 is overly sentimental and wordy. You’ve got to peel the layers away to appreciate this film lover’s film. Cameron Crowe hasn’t screwed up since Singles which was in 1992. That’s a pretty good run for my boy.

I do have some Honorable Mentions, films that could have been contenders, they weren’t quite as good as the top ten. I still felt it was necessary to mention them… Honorably.

Syriana: A well made film, but would it have been amazing under Soderbergh? Let’s give Gaghan the benefit of the doubt; the subject of oil isn’t nearly as assessable as drugs. Plus it wasn’t murderously heavy handed like Lord of War.

Murderball: This would have been the best documentary of the year if not for Grizzly Man. It’s the perfect film to watch if you are feeling like the world is against you, these dudes can’t walk and out are there playing frickin’ rugby.

Everything Is Illuminated: One of the most ambitious films of the year. Elijah Wood has proven he’s not just a hobbit, he’s leading man material. The direction was also very steady for a first time director.

Munich: Spielberg has a real knack for balance. He could have easily made a film that crucified the Palestinians.

Saving Face: No one has heard of it but it was third best romance on the board. I hope Alice Wu gets attached to another project pronto. Do I hear MI4 in her future? That’s just irresponsible rumor mongering on my part.

Thumbsucker: A weird journey into teen depression with the next Johnny Depp (Lou Pucci). It also has Keanu, Vince Vaughn and Vincent D’Onofrio in supporting roles. Now that’s a cast worth renting.

If you haven’t read Brad’s Top Ten Movies of 2005 you can do so right here, and stay tuned as there are more looks back at 2005 to come as well as a look forward at our most anticipated films of 2006. It will hopefully be a great new year!

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