Yo Joe! A Script Review


I honestly can’t remember if “G.I. Joe” was a cartoon or toys first, but I can remember that way back when I did have a lot of those toys until I gave them to the neighbor kid and he destroyed the collection I had spent so long building over so many of my youthful years. Kids just don’t respect things anymore do they? I am just glad I didn’t give him my Star Wars action figures, not only are they worth money, they confirm that I am still a geek at heart.

Nevertheless we are not here to talk about me, although it is fun, we are here to talk about the latest script review out of LatinoReview as they have gotten their hands on the revised first draft script, dated September 16, 2005, of G.I. Joe by scribes David Elliot and Paul Lovett, the chaps that penned the John Singleton flick Four Brothers, the very same movie that recently topped the DVD sales charts.

Now, this script review is a bit chatty, and you can honestly skip the first four paragraphs, because that is when the review really starts by letting us in on the Joes that make up the main characters, they are Duke, Scarlett, Snake Eyes, Hi-Tech and Wild Bill with the commanding officers being Lt. General Hawk and General Flagg.

Who are the baddies? Well there is apparently no Cobra Commander, but there is a “Cobra” and Mayimbe tells us it is a “Cobra origin story of sorts”. Instead it is Destro at the head of things in this one with The Baroness and Storm Shadow backing him up. I must say, seeing Destro in a live-action film would be interesting with his big metal dome.

There is so much more to Mayimbe’s review I won’t steal anymore details, but he does say that the current draft leaves it open for more G.I. Joe films and sequels and he gives the script an “A-” rating saying, “I’m happy to say that this draft is very solid and a great starting point from which to work with. The structure is on point and the subplots fit nicely. Reading the script made me feel like I was back in fifth grade.”

Just by reading this review it is obvious Mayimbe is a Joe fan. Check out his review and see if you fall in line by clicking here.

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